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Chief Technology Officer

James is from Sudbury, Ontario. Growing up he always had a passion for engineering and the artistic design behind it. Whether he was taking apart his dirt bike or disassembling his mom’s computer, as a boy James had always been fascinated with technology and electronics.

While at Ryerson University, he studied Information Technology Management. Always driven to move forward and challenge himself further, even before completing his degree James accepted a position as a Systems Administrator at one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies. James continues learning how to manage a billion dollar company’s global IT infrastructure while pursuing his love for the art of photography.


Chief Executive Officer

Danny Gibson grew up in the small mining town of Sudbury, Ontario. He studied Commerce with a specialty in Resort and Restaurant Management. A serial entrepreneur at heart, Danny has always chased his passions and strived to make his own way. This eventually led to the start-up of two successful designer clothing and footwear stores and a small photography business.

Knowing that his dreams were much bigger than his home town could support, Danny decided to close his businesses and move south to Toronto. He settled in quickly and secured several bar and entertainment management positions at some of Toronto’s local hot-spots. However, with the insatiable drive to leave his own legacy, Danny quickly got back to doing what he does best – building a thriving business.


Chief Operating Officer

From performing magic shows as a child to working on Bay St. to DJing at nightclubs, Rob Anderson has quite the diverse background when it comes to business and art. Having music in his heart, Rob learned to play the drums at the age of 7 and began writing electronic music in his teenage years.

After University, he moved to Toronto to pursue larger dreams. Rob worked full time in the Financial Sector for a few years and then moved onto managing a sales team at a global events company. After struggling to find true happiness in the corporate world, it became clear to Rob that following your passions as an artist is a full time job. Now was the opportunity to take the leap of faith and jump in with both feet.